50th Anniversary Commemoration Events 2018

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Annual April 4th Commemoration

On this day each year a large and soulful gathering takes place. There are comments, performances and shared moments of reflection. The event is always free and open to all.

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Annual June 6th Commemoration

Every year, on the anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, a smaller but equally meaningful event takes place. This event is always free and open to all.

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Dream Keeper’s Camp

One of KKMI’s Signature Programs is the Dream Keepers Camp. The Dream Keepers Camp was created to not only serve as a viable Spring Break option for students within the Greater Indianapolis community, but to provide an educational, capacity-building curriculum on inclusion and peace for Indianapolis youth.  

Beginning in 2008, a partnership between KKMI, Forest Manor Multi Service Center and NCAA created a camp for IPS students which provides historical teaching on the lives and principles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, while providing lessons on how to live lives of compassion, justice, and understanding of all people. The Dream Keepers Camp provides a specialized itinerary of programs and activities for youth ages 10-15. The focus of the week’s study is to promote civic responsibility and peacemaking skills for the young students who participate.

KKMI is shifting and expanding the direction of the Dream Keeper’s Camp through a reassessment which will provide opportunity to make the program available to a broader range of students and to develop a more directed itinerary of programs and activities.

  • To ensure every student feels empowered for their dreams to become a reality, KKMI will provide a series of week-long camps designated in teaching the following principles of:
  • How to become a Peacemaker: Tackling Today’s Community Confrontations
  • Embracing a Community of Servant Leadership: Teaching Civic Responsibility
  • Chaos or Community: Advocating for Change
  • Bridging the Gap: Strategic Ways Eliminating Division and Injustice
  • Ceasefire: Crucial Conversations about Conflict and the Need for Peace

The redesign of the existing program will allow youth to enjoy an interactive learning while discussing the problems of today; in order to empower them to lead like RFK & MLK for tomorrow. The ultimate goal is to ensure students are filling a knowledge gap to eliminate areas of marginalization currently going on in throughout the Indianapolis community.